About us

The year is 1955. Riverside is a hot tourist destination and times are good. It is also the

year that Kenneth Vaughan purchased Goodspeed Printing, a small print shop in the

heart of downtown Riverside, located in the Mission Inn Annex.

Now it's 1959 and in the four short years since its beginning, Goodspeed Printing had

outgrown the small Mission Inn location and needed a new home. That new home

proved to be just a short move up Market Street.

In 1965 the name Goodspeed Printing was changed to Form Print Company and the

business grew to new heights. In 1975, after the retirement of Kenneth Vaughan,

his son Michael took over the company and continued the family tradition that is

carried on today with grandson Jimmy.

By the 90's the computer had taken over the printing industry. The cry of the decade

seemed to be "I need more disk space." In 1992 Form Print Company was changed

to FPC Graphics, a full service printing company offering electronic digital prepress

capabilities. To date FPC Graphics continues to stay on the cutting edge of the

printing world.